Saturday, April 26, 2014


To find time in places,
Find places outside time,
Where the year does not matter,
And surrounded by the latter,
You feel past and present,
In the place where you stand,
On a main street of old,
Made of western wood,
Where families own the shops,
And the food smells good,
Where the old wooden church,
Has stood the test of time,
Watching story after story,
Pass on the street below,
Lives within a song,
A song within motion,
In a town that formed a gate,
A gateway to the west,
For they came by train,
Unto the Castle House,
They set off by morning,
To set upon their land,
Raising food from the earth,
By the sweat of their hands,
I came with my family,
In our quest for life,
Where the sun sets anew,
With each passing day,
And we found new promise,
Amidst time forged ways,
Hearing Sir and Mam,
The person that I am,
Seeing change as growth,
Building strong on what is good,
Walking by the lake side,
Knowing what I should,
Under the pepper trees,
Where water birds do play,
Mixing past souls with the present,
Where Lakeside Inn once stood,
In a town amidst the hills,
Is where I have my fill,
With peace and joy I live,
With my family by my side,
For this place to us did give,
And its called Lakeside.

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