Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heaven Walks Among Us

 The Bible says we can never know if you run into an angel on the street.
I can not imagine how many we could already have met.

Your hand is on my shoulder,
When I laugh or when I cry,
And through all things,
You are with me till the end,
When the stars embrace my vision,
I look up into the sky,
Thankful for love,
You are my life friend.

Though pain may overcome us,
We stand together strong,
Knowing the strength,
True love will employ,
The fires of trials burn down,
Things which can not last,
But they leave untouched,
The strength of love and joy.

A homeless man confirmed me,
The truth in which we stand,
A resurrected Jesus,
With life’s keys in His hand,
God does not forsake us,
In things small or great,
Giving life with love on Earth,
And through Heaven’s gate.

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