Monday, May 5, 2014

Truth in Contradiction

The shortest distance between two points is a circle,
There is no beginning and no end,
And I keep coming to you.

Traveling without moving is a simple matter,
No matter how distant you may be,
We are together when I close my eyes.

Life is a mystery beyond wonder and description,
Yet when I hear your heart singing,
I begin to understand.

Pain is a necessity to which none would cling to,
And through tears of compassion,
I can taste joy.

Being lost is a condition of confusion and despair,
That near your companion,
You are found.

While in flight you experience the rush of freedom,
That keeps your soul in song,
While on the ground.

A light could not be seen if there is nothing but sun.

A lamp would not bring joy if the day was never done.

A fire would not be warm without the cold outside.

A heart would not know joy without pain inside.

A mind with all the answers knows not what to do.

A soul in need of nothing could never say I love you.

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