Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Falling Down

My wife and I met a woman in front of a Kaiser hospital location who was 
diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  She had some trouble walking and her
speech was not the clearest.  My wife shared some words of faith and finding
strength in just loving life.  The woman spoke of falling on the curb on a 
previous visit.  I told her to be thankful when you fall.  It is never fun, but
it is an opportunity to honor God in how we get up.  I never got her name, but 
I hope one day she can read this.

Circumstance comes,
And makes a claim,
To lordship in hearts.

Bringing us pain,
Sometimes weakness,
Suffering to impart.

Things make us fall,
Yet we must fall,
With focus on the later.

When we rise,
How we get up,
Is all that really matters.

She walked with a limp,
With difficulty she spoke,
Words coming from the soul.

She stood before us,
With a true smile,
As faith had made her whole.

It was not a miracle,
An act of God,
Making her full of life.

It was just love,
Love of living,
Witnessed with my wife.

I know our strength,
As well our power,
And so I know my place.

So when I fall,
I will look up,
And always see God's face.

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