Monday, March 31, 2014

A Sea of Roses

My wife and I talked on lunch this Friday the 28th,
she was at the nursery looking at roses and I was
at Starbucks looking at the bees pollenating the red
apple succulents.  After we stopped talking I was inspired
to write this.

In a world of color,
I walk and breathe,
An ocean of fragrance,
Where the bees swim and dance,
A buffet of colors,
Such a feast for the soul.

When one follows the fragrance,
To a covered hill of roses,
Their beauty stands tall,
On the strength of their thorns,
Each bloom a different face,
And each scent a different song.

Some scents sing of spice,
Others of warm feeling,
Some sing of sweet memories,
For love never dies,
Many words unspoken,
In each of their sighs.

And I walk in life,
With my Rose by my side,
Her fragrance giving love,
And her love giving strength,
It is love’s music life composes,
As we dance in a sea of roses.

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