Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Misconception About Miracles

Many people are of the opinion that miracles never happened or they stopped happening in Biblical times.  Miracles are commonly defined as a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency.  Most people will commonly associate the word miracle with an act of God.  God, according to scripture, is all knowing and all-powerful.  If all things are possible with God, then what is truly miraculous about His actions?  From His perspective would they not just be seen as direct actions?

I find it to be far more exciting when seemingly impossible things occur through human hands and attribute that to God working through people.  After all, possibility has more to do with perspective than the confines of reality.  Human hands are weak and failing, that can be seen in many examples of life.  Still, incredible things do happen.  There is a man called Richie Parker I recently posted a story of who drives himself to work every day in a 1963 Chevy and performs the duties of a high end automotive engineer for NASCAR.   He has no arms.   Some children are born and given no chances to speak, live normally, or even survive.  Due to the persistent love of those parents, they are living very normal lives.  I recently helped a friend who had his passenger mirror broken off of his car by the impact of another driver.  I simply did what I could to repair that for him.  To that friend, it is a miracle that his mirror is on his car stronger than before and working fine.

Miracles surround us every day within the examples of life that surround us.  It is very easy to be overcome with difficulties to the point where we no longer notice they are there.  That does not take them away.  They live and grow through the words we say that inspire changes to come.  They thrive when we stop what we are doing to help another.   When we allow the power of God’s love to work through us, the miracles of our words and actions change the world. 

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