Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Under the Blue - For Ben Sauer

I was moved when I read an insightful email from Kelly, my coworker, about Ben.
He is only 4 years old and battling brain cancer.  Yet through the love of many,
miracles can happen as what seems to be impossible is done through
human hands.  As we lift up and help his family in our actions
I pray that God may move and touch Ben with healing as the eyes
of the world look upon him.  If you would like to know more about 
Ben or reach out and help his family, visit his site at:

He sees life with a smile,
And so we smile when we see him,
It is a contagious thing,
When joy spreads heart to heart,
And love spreads life to life,
He knows innocence and love,
Things we have forgotten,
And yet remember in full,
With the sound of his laugh,
And he knows we are worried,
Our eyes full of silent prayer,
Wanting all to be well,
With the touch of God’s hand,
But just look at his peace,
For he trusts as a child,
As it is written we do,
For it is part of His plan,
As we lift up Ben’s family,
In all of our differences,
I remember a truth,
Bringing a tear to the eye,
Through all of our differences,
We create miracles through love,
For we are all joined together,
Under one blue sky.

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