Monday, March 24, 2014

A Moment in Time

This was written about a recent dinner we had with my cousin Gay,
with family who came,
and with friends.

The ages spanned from old to young,
The gathering defied all ages,
They came to celebrate a birthday,
They gathered to celebrate each other,
Finding a bond in life and living,
Through words their hearts were giving,
At dinner prepared with many hands,
Culture from home and many lands,
Safe from harm in open arms,
Enjoying images of past memories,
With thoughts of times to come,
We gathered here together,
In the joy of all that is true,
We gathered here together,
For the chance to be with you,
Gathering oranges from the tree top,
At the tree in the back yard,
To add joy to familiar faces,
The work is no longer hard,
For each moment is a universe,
And nothing takes the universe away,
For a moment in time is a treasure,
Seed of joy for all coming days.

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