Sunday, March 2, 2014

Touch of the Dove - For the Magnotti Family

I just saw this most powerful video from Nick to his daughter.  Nick passed away shortly after making this.  You can get to know the kind of people they are through their Facebook posts.  What I saw and felt watching them is what I have written here for them.  Love comes from God's Spirit.  God's Spirit in just one can flow to and fill many if they are willing to have it.  God's Spirit is love.  Love overcomes all.  That is why I must share this.

The Spirit enters,
A young man is looking for meaning,
A young woman is looking for truth,
They find it in each other,
When touched by the Dove.

Truth is pure joy,
Meaning is love defined,
They sought it freely and it flows,
Straight from their hearts to family,
For they were touched by the Dove.

Two hearts were too few,
So God brought them another,
With eyes like no other,
For she feels their full life force,
Being touched by the Dove.

Sickness came but could not rule,
Hope sought escape but was held,
They simply loved each other stronger,
As we looked in awed silence,
For they are touched by the Dove.

Then he recorded his last message,
To the little girl in his arms,
Yet there is no goodbye with love,
As his heart beats within his family,
Who are touched by the Dove.

Hear the song that is eternal,
How God’s love binds all hearts,
For even tragedy turns to triumph,
So may all seeing their message,
Be touched by the Dove.

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