Friday, December 13, 2013

The Touch of a Soul – For Aleksander Żabczyński

There were many wonderful performers on the Polish silver screen such as
Aleksander Żabczyński, Jadwiga Smosarska, Eugeniusz Bodo, and Ina Benita.  Aleksander stands apart as the son of a general who studied law, and went into acting to follow his heart.  His persona is true to life as a man of elegance and charm who always showed a positive and uplifting side whether it was on screen or before his men on the battlefields where he served his country.  His heart expresses a love of life seldomseen.  The songs he wrote or sung expresses a wisdom of love knowing thatall the words in the world could only begin to express the inner and outer beauty of a woman.  As I wrote this I could see the men and women I named above, standing together in coat tales and dresses with a smile, and inviting us to remember a time of purity created by knowing who we are.

A soul that could be,
Anything he imagined,
Could not imagine being,
Anything more wonderful,
For finding his venue,
His destiny he knew,
Expressing beauty of living,
The beauty of loving,
Upon the stage singing,
Upon the film in dance,
On the keyboard playing,
Not just from the heart,
For he was a man of learning,
From this he knew the truth,
All the words there ever was,
And all the words to be,
Could never start describing,
The power of a woman’s beauty,
He expressed this like no other,
With expression of loving charm,
So very light on his feet,
A pleasure to meet,
The brother of gentlemen,
And the champion of ladies,
As the one blessed of fate,
To know him as soul mate,
Remains his wife to be,
Loving through eternity,
His songs stay in my mind,
His music my heart keeps whole,
Wherever I may go,
I always hope to show,
The joy imparted through,
The touch of a soul.

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