Friday, December 13, 2013


 Someone has decided that seeing a cross from a road is offensive
when the cross is such a symbol of peace and hope that it can be found
in cemeteries all around the world as well as churches.  Bringing it down for
this reason helps no one as considering it as a symbol of offense can only
be done by individuals looking for reasons to be offended.  This one in San Diego, CA
was erected to honor our service people who died defending us in battle. 
If this one comes down, then in every cemetery they must be removed for the same reason as all cemeteries can be seen from roads.  Stand against this now.  (See article)

What we achieve,
Is based on who we are,
Knowing where we are from,
And why we are together,
Knowing truth the guides us,
When storms blind our way,
The truths we are based on,
One nation under God,
Is not a preference of people,
But a proven historic fact,
It is the base of freedom,
That made America free,
It is the open arms,
That allows people to come,
Come upon our shores and live,
Unto our land and love,
Without fear or retribution,
That their children may have life,
That faith is not by force,
But offered and chosen freely,
For the one that chooses his path,
Will follow with all his heart,
That faith is found with symbol,
The symbol of a cross,
Behind the justice practiced,
Bringing safety and our strength,
Those who know it close,
Know it’s source is love,
Loving someone more than self,
Which is language known to all,
Others behold its peace,
Giving peace unto the living,
And a strength for living on.
When someone close has died,
As such it was a symbol,
Upon our standing mountain,
For those who died in battle,
That we all may live,
And thus all people know it,
Whatever faith they practice,
They know we wish them peace,
And honor those who passed,
So to claim it brings offense,
Is fallacy beyond reason,
It is the root of our great nation,
What was and is to be,
By forgetting who we are,
We will lose all we may accomplish,
For we can gain nothing,
If we loose identity.

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  1. I can't believe it's true. Scary.