Monday, December 16, 2013

Life Within Life

On the way home tonight my wife told me that newlyweds in IL stopped to help
an overturned car after leaving the wedding service.  While William Knight was helping a
woman away from her overturned car, another woman drove into them killing
the motorist and the new groom leaving the bride alone.  For Nikki Knight, I wrote this for strength.  For others, I wrote this for hope and joy.

A gathering of souls,
Amidst the infinite,
A gathering of hearts,
Against the dark,
Our lines of time define,
Expressing journeys of life,
Expecting yearning of soul,
As we strive to fulfill,
Learning truth and meaning,
In each other’s eyes,
Open for a moment,
That other eyes look in,
Closing once again,
To turn to returning,
Yet once open always,
The time line is always,
Though gone from our sight,
Quantum barriers arise,
And we cannot observe,
Those eyes once known,
Yet the power to observe,
Proves only the visible,
As heat unseen,
Can be felt on the skin,
And lives unseen,
Are felt by the heart,
For they are still lives,
And the power of love,
Bridges barriers of time,
Bringing touchless embrace,
Laughter without sound,
And a song through silence,
With voices become light,
Shining through each other,
Joining our hearts in music,
As a universe of stars.

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