Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Spirit

The dove like cloud formation began to dissipate a bit by the time I scrambled for a camera phone from a co-worker.  I saw it over the ground like green landscape with the image of the one dead tree in the center below.
The dove cloud made me think of the Holy Spirit watching over the green life of the Earth, guiding us through situations of grief or death, and the stones hovering above the ground symbolize situations for me which seemed an almost miraculous protection from harm.

Above us,
Within us,
Through us,
Transcending all,
One mind,
In many places,
Pure love,
To many faces,
Reason for safety,
When reason is gone,
Saving in circumstance,
A light in the darkness,
A bond between souls,
Bringing words,
In wordless moments,
Bringing courage,
Where fear is king,
Teaching love,
When love is not easy,
The direction,
Without a compass,
Through the storm,
To safe shores,
All from God,
Who is in Heaven,
For we are many,
And how can He,
Be with many,
If He,
Is only one?
It is the truth,
Within the word,
He sent His son,
So we can hear it,
And when He left,
He gave the Spirit.

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