Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Angel of the Sleepers

The foundation "Buzdik" was created by Polish
actress Ewa Blaszczyk after her own daughter suffered
severe nervous system trauma and lost the ability to 
speak or function.  She has been helping many children and
families ever since.  My wife started telling me recently of 
children coming back from comas or "locked-in" syndrome
as a result of her work, now I hear that her organization is facing closure.
Not without a fight!  This was written to help create support
for her foundation and the children.
English    -     Polish

Hear the laughter,
Through the trees,
See their smiles,
Warm your heart,
Their innocent eyes,
Reviewing things,
A world of wonder,
To them we impart,
Yet some do go,
Where we don’t know,
Through the doorway,
Of a great trauma,
Then all is dark,
And families gather,
By the bedside,
Can he see me?
Does she hear?
Life turns to darkness,
All that’s left is fear,
Children lie in limbo,
Some with eyes closed,
As comas took their light,
Some simply lie locked,
With their eyes awake,
They lie looking out,
No path to take,
All limbs are still,
And yet there is will,
Reaching out every day,
For someone to reach in,
And with her own daughter,
Trapped in this way,
She took them all in,
So many young hearts,
For all would be forsaken,
Yet with the help,
Of many hands,
The sleepers must awaken.

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