Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Standing With You

 In battles lost and battles won,
 I reflect beneath the stars, 
 Which show my size in truth, 
 My place amidst the galaxies, 
 While shining through the darkness, 
  They show the beauty of life. 

 This is a new chapter, 
 With more experience in your soul, 
 More hearts beneath your wings, 
  Riding on the spirit winds,
 Within this song of life, 
 Which shatters any storm. 

 For no star within the night, 
  Is ever truly alone, 
 Within an ocean of diamonds, 
 Reflecting our infinite souls, 
 As within indomitable love, 
 Hope will never be lost. 

 These words are one language, 
 With a universe of thought, 
  While music is a universe, 
 With all languages in one, 
 A sharing between souls, 
 Of what cannot be spoken. 

 Battles can be won,
 And they are seldom repeated, 
 Yet when the seldom happens, 
 There are more hearts by your side, 
 Souls brave in their faith, 
 Stand as one in God's pure love. 

 Never fear or doubt, 
 And never lose your smile, 
 Your heart rides fourth in music, 
 Residing in  all of ours, 
 Our strength returns to you, 
 Indomitable in love. 

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