Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gift of Light

For the love of my life, on Mother's Day

 Gifts are given, 
 Of sparkling stones, 
 Of beautiful clothing, 
 And colors abounding, 
 Yet all they can do, 
 In all of their glory, 
 Is stand in the sunshine, 
 And gather the light. 

 The light is the gift, 
 Embracing the living, 
 Providing perspective, 
 In the continuum of time, 
 Lifting up all beauty, 
  Out of the darkness, 
 For all to behold, 
 And embrace with the heart. 

 The light is the beauty, 
 Which entered my heart, 
 When you first looked at me, 
 With the eyes of your soul, 
 My heart then breathed, 
 The first breath of life, 
 And by your delicate touch, 
 I was made whole. 

 Starlight adds the words, 
 Which our eyes then read, 
 Of the surrounding story, 
 In the light of the sun, 
 Yet the true light, 
 Only hearts can see, 
 Making all things possible, 
 In the light of love. 

 Within this light, 
 I can dance, 
 Within this light, 
 My soul does sing,
 For love knows no time, 
 In the patience of living, 
 Love knows no time, 
In the endless song.

 You are my light, 
 The heart of my family, 
 You are our light, 
 Which blinds the world, 
 Looking on in awe,
 A delight to Heaven,
The song of life,
Light of my soul!

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