Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hearts of Manchester

 This is for the victims, families, and friends affected by the brutal attack on the evening of May 22, 2017  upon the fans of Ariana Grande  at her concert in Manchester.  I wish I could personally comfort each and everyone  and give them strength. I cannot do that, but I can write and pray that it is read.   I will also remind each and everyone of you to never miss a chance to tell someone you love them, never miss a chance to smile, never miss a moment to live, as their hearts and souls live through us. 

Their laughter did fill our ears,
Their voices did calm our fears,
By our sides through the day,
Too quickly taken far away,
Eyes amidst the stars above,
Souls born by wings of love,
Lifted from our tear dimmed eyes,
Journey beyond the new sunrise,
We hold each other through the night,
Too shaken from the shocking sight,
Yet held by strong arms above,
We take strength in God's pure love,
We lay ourselves down to bed,
Dream of the ones who've gone ahead,
For the truth we knew from the start,
Their lives shine on through our hearts.

 Live life strong every day, 
 Share it in every possible way, 
 Light falls on us from above, 
 Flooding darkness with tears of love, 
 For no force stands against this power, 
 Saving us in the darkest hour,
 Binding souls with love's tether,
 A chord not even death can sever, 
 Darkness is lost within this strife, 
 For love is the eternal song of life, 
 And so we join  heart to heart, 
 Honoring those who did depart, 
 So their hearts may shine through us, 
 Towards brighter days ahead of us, 
 And so the world does stand together, 
 For the hearts and souls of Manchester. 

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