Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reflection of a Soul

 Reflections occur upon the waters, 
 Showing the endless sky, 
 How the Earth looks up in wonder, 
 Our faces down in contemplation, 
 As the waters playfully bend light, 
 Showing how the birds must behold us. 

 And yet there is no mirror, 
 Which can reflect the soul, 
 Not touched by imperfect light, 
 The eyes cannot behold it, 
 From a place beyond the stars, 
 Our souls peer into this world. 

The image of a soul is seen,
In whom she chooses to meet,
In places he chooses to go,
Be it upon a quiet mountain,
Or near a great volcano,
Which only the peaceful soul can behold.

Every person that is met,
Reflects the soul of the meeter,
The blind who see through us,
The arrogant who are truly blind,
The sensitive who feel without touch,
And wisdom seekers with hearts like children.

The tapestry becomes truly endless,
With all we may choose to see,
For size is meaningless to souls,
Which exist without set boundaries,
Just as your soul who has seen so much,
Feels like light has just touched its eyes.

Your song is now part of many songs,
All in the song of life that God sings,
Your soul reflection in an old man's smile,
Your soul reflection in a newborn's laugh,
And when you see your eyes reflected once more,
All of their love will impact on your heart.

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