Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tomorrow Unto Yesterday

This is about death which should not be feared, as it is a part of life.  With cancer a person loses the desire to eat or drink, can often clearly recall people from long ago, and can have sudden bursts of energy with the desire to take care of things.  This is tomorrow combining with yesterday.

Many people have commented on news reports of the passing of David Bowie with touching personal accounts as they find reasons to keep fighting for each day, and keep fighting for each other, in the name of love.  Many cite David's efforts to record his final album in spite of his condition to give a parting gift to his fans around the world, while he kept doing the thing that defined him.  All of this is about love which is also timeless.  If love is timeless, and the defining truth of life, then death is truly an illusion.

 Hunger is but a passing thought,
Thirst visits me no more,
I hear life's song from the street,
Through my open door.
Memories flood my living soul,
Of what people once did say,
From faces long before these thoughts,
Who were from another day.

So much to do was never done,
And yet there is so much more,
Yet all I can foresee to do,
Has all been done before.

Then strength does fill me fresh anew,
As strength did fill me when,
There was so much more of life to do,
That I may rise again.

Yet love's sunrise will never set,
As God's heart shines on to me,
For Life's love song does never rest,
It is sung eternally.

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