Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Books Upon The Shelf

I wrote this yesterday at 3PM and did not know why.  Yesterday at 6PM I read a news report about the passing of Glen Frey that was exactly 3 hours hold.  This is for him, David, Alan, Natalie, Celine Dion's husband, and many that have passed recently.  Lives are like stories.  When the book is finished and placed upon the shelf, the story does not disappear.  Every moment is eternal and can be seen through our hearts again and again.  Life is real.  Death is an illusion.

The eyes distort the image,
Seen through open windows,
Of pathways souls would tread,
Upon the dusty Earth,
With action spoken words,
Words setting power in motion,
With the energy of lives,
Uniting every page,
Turning through the ages,
As chapters form the whole,
An ageless face of beauty,
With a smile to capture hearts,
Now weathered from the start,
But the smile still shines through,
For some things never change,
Through every turning page,
Till the story reaches end,
And the book is on the shelf.

Some stories outlast others,
Yet the quality is not in length,
For time is but an illusion,
As there is no such thing as size,
Meaning distance is perception,
Separating goals from wills,
Until passion sparks inception,
Loosing powers of the heart,
As some lives taste in days,
What others require in years,
Yet we all are meted power,
To narrate our own tales,
Writing pages in our hand,
Though a story may close early,
And the book goes on the shelf.

The shelves go on forever,
Extending in all directions,
For there is no top or bottom,
With endless lives and names,
For each life that breathes in time,
Exhales eternal vapors,
And the truth upon the shelves,
Is the stories are still there,
Captured in every detail,
Inscribed on every heart,
For beyond limits of paper,
The heart holds all words made,
And every breath that’s said,
Is written in Love’s pen,
From beginning to the end,
For the illusion presents itself,
As since there really is no size,
Then there cannot be a distance,
Without distance there is no beginning,
And in love there is no end.

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