Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Through These Eyes - For David Bowie

The title was inspired by his unusual eyes.
The words are about how he painted the pictures he saw in music.
The legacy is painting the magic into life as he did for us.

Upon the darkened mist I stroll,
Along side this old river,
Passing through the city streets,
Where I saw him kiss her,
A living canvas etched in stone,
Only viewed when I’m alone,
On the endless song I ride,
Through these eyes.

Ancient land of dragons lifts my feet,
Amidst the song of Asian sounds,
With scents unknown both hard and sweet,
Flows through these foreign grounds,
In the sea of faces by an old street sign,
Black hair a swirl and then her eyes meet mine,
But a second’s sight imprints two souls,
Through these eyes.

The pictures painted through words in song,
The image blows on wind to many ears,
The canvas woven onto hearts,
Conveying joys and fighting fears,
And many souls a vision share,
So many hearts to passion dare,
Life’s breath eternally revives,
Through these eyes.

Your shadow whispers thoughts to me,
Underneath and over sunlit stars,
The Heart of Love we seek to see,
A moment’s journey takes us far,
Through this world that’s made of light,
Song is where our hearts do take flight,
May you see your seeds of fire have grown,
Through my eyes.

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