Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Defiance of Despair

The tears of Heaven fall,
Where headstones cover hearts,
Hearts that are still beating,
Placed within the darkness,
Without the sound of souls.

The soulless sing victory,
Drinking lifeblood of the weak,
While laughing at the meek,
Inhaling the last breath,
Believing they are strong.

Illusion is their world,
Where stars obey their whims,
They cannot control their limbs,
Believing that they do rule,
They become the weakest slaves.

Not seeing the clear truth,
Strength is of the heart,
Which Heaven will impart,
For all of those who willing,
Will speak the song of love.

For to smile is in truth,
Of living joy defiant,
In Heaven’s strength reliant,
With patience as the mortar,
In building walls of stone.

For such is the fortress,
Of those who live for life,
Be they husband or a wife,
Passing strength on in wisdom,
To the young who wish to learn.

We only own ourselves,
Our one true possession,
To give it up is in regression,
Deciding to believe in nothing,
When God’s breath does give us air.

And so I will sing joyous,
With the Christmas time renewing,
Love’s gift of life renewing,
To touch hearts once turned cold,
For to show strength is to care.

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