Thursday, January 29, 2015


The night skies call out,
As I look upon the city,
The immensity of stars,
The city built by hands,
Trail light from fingertips,
Joining above and below.

I imagine what I see,
What I see through the soul,
A transference of souls,
Like white lights streaking up,
Shooting stars from the Earth,
Gone straight into the night.

From points within the city,
Which most would not know of,
A young woman cowers beaten,
Her cries too loud for sound,
Her tears too strong for breath,
In silence draws her hand,
And leaves her life behind.

From points traveled often,
And faces past unseen,
An unseen face unspoken,
Which family has forsaken,
Lies looking up in starlight,
Against the bitter cold,
And peace unfolds his thinking,
And his old eyes stop blinking.

There is a child in a hospital,
Lying within his bed,
A mother with a story,
And so much left unsaid.

With pain,
No gain,
In frame,
Picture forming,
A new morning,
With direction,
And reflection,
No more,
For we have,
An open door,
To be with,
One another,
For God gave us,
Each other.

Life is never ending,
No reason for pretending,
All the things we do and say,
Make no difference in the way,
For we touch lives all around,
No one can escape the sound,
Though the moment is but fleeting,
All our hearts are heard beating.

Now is your chance,
Stand up and try,
Touch other lives,
Before Soulrise.

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