Monday, January 19, 2015

A Tale From Moon River

For Audrey, for you, and for all who would be touched.

She begins her day,
At a jewelry store,
A place of peace and joy,
In the machine of Manhattan,
Bright eyes looking through,
Only the glass separates her,
From her dreams.

With a cat called “Cat”,
Residing within her flat,
And ways which seem peculiar,
From the other side of the glass,
She is on the great quest,
Looking for treasure,
Within herself.

Though pain has shaken her,
Her world once fallen down,
She finds in her reflection,
A guide to see her through,
For her smile is a gift,
Joy from Heaven to others,
Through her heart.

Like her you were stricken,
For pain has no preferences,
Shooting you both within,
Though neither soul would change,
As pain is but a circumstance,
And beauty is a treasure,
From the soul.

For the soul is a vessel,
Guided by will of the heart,
Carrying the blessings of Heaven,
Like a star in the night sky,
Guiding the weary sailor,
To the safety of land and home,
With love.

Carry forth your sunshine,
As your meaning of life unfolds,
Through the daily acts of your heart,
Willing that God’s will brings joy,
Through your words and actions,
As your soul sings the song,
Of life evermore.

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