Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Brittle Branches

Brittle branches hang above me in the sky below the moon,
I'm afraid the winter's ending and the spring will come too soon,
The ashen light of snowy chill walks with me as a friend,
With whispers spoken to my heart that love begins again.

The winter whispers of a warmth to gently fill the air,
With colors green and scented notes for me to fully share,
A pilot light to fire the flame within my aching heart,
A fire to guide me soul from here back to the very start.

Though snowy storm has separated ways from you and I,
Your footprints in the white show clear beneath the dismal sky,
I’ll follow footstep trail in search unto the truthful end,
And yet the trail circles back just to begin again.

With time,
Not mangled,
With graying,
Mind fraying,
This song,
Is life,
It’s long,
Our souls,
With minds,
At ease,
We’re notes,
In the breeze.

For days of sunshine pass us by with nothing much foretold,
Such laughter just a passing breath on path to growing old,
I cling to truth within this life and I am not undone,
For to share this life with such as you holds me forever young.

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