Monday, February 2, 2015

Death Cafe

 With my uncle on life support and in our prayers
I find my self sitting at a car wash, finding 
something to read, and coming across Death Cafe.
I have been walking the line between life and death
writing for and reaching out to many who have
lost loved ones.  The difficulty is how do you explore
something beyond the physical, when our senses
are limited to the physical?

When the heart stops beating,
There are no ears to hear,
No voice to share,
What eyes have not seen,
A shore beyond shores,
Which no ship can reach,
Where all sailors must go,
Embraced by the sea,
But the heart is not here,
Not a part of this world,
It is an organ of truth,
Which the spirit sees through,
And feels those we have lost,
For love is the tether,
Which binds beyond death,
Uniting every heart,
As there is never a start,
And never an ending,
For our hearts beat forever,
Which we explore in thought,
As we join in our journey,
At the Death Café.

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