Monday, February 9, 2015

For Uncle Sal

The book has closed,
But the story is open,
No character truly dies,
The last chapter closes,
The story never ends,
Our hopes raise to the sky.

Beyond which is Heaven,
Pierced by the stars,
Shining God’s love in the night,
Each soul as a star,
Burns on though our hearts,
So others may see the light.

His voice sounds within me,
His strength burns within,
His faith overcame all,
Though weak in the body,
He stayed strong in the spirit,
And always was standing tall.

A father and solider,
An uncle and a friend,
Touching many through his life,
Imperfectly human,
Perfectly God’s son,
And never overcome by strife.

We all gather to this flame,
A burning bright life,
Through us the story unfurls,
For we carry his light,
Within all of our hearts,
To shine throughout the world.

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