Sunday, April 22, 2012


We had met three women yesterday, two sisters and a daughter.  They were doing a yard sale after the passing of the husband and father in the family.  In spite of their pain, my entire family was overwhelmed by the warmth we felt with them through their love of life, of God, and each other.  This was written for Linda, Louise, and Linda's sister Lisa.

Within the warmth of morning,
We had gathered together,
Purely though chance,
Working in each of our lives,
The Father guiding moments,
Until we met each other’s eyes,
We spoke of small things,
The love of plush toys,
Moments shared together,
Life’s emotional weather,
And tools that we employ.

For they had suffered great loss,
A man that brought them together,
He was a husband and a dad,
Knowing how to fix a problem,
Or just hold them in hard times,
With the warmth of an embrace,
For love had build this place,
It was not a home of wood,
But a structure built by heart,
Decorated with colors of joy,
On the foundation of forever.

For within the daughter’s smile,
Was the faith instilled by the mother,
And shared by the family there,
For all we could feel was love,
As we spoke with them for a time,
Seeing with perspective that is mine,
As God sought to show us truth,
For he lives on within their hearts,
Not even death can break the bond,
Of the power that love imparts,
For love binds us all together.

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