Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Continuity - For the Families and Students of Oikos University in Oakland, California

By Eric Visconti
For the families of Oikos University Victims

Once again I gaze above me,
Once again I see the stars,
Considering events in destiny,
Under heavenly lights afar,
And the light of those near me,
And of souls I hold dear,
Why some would seek to snuff their lights?
Why must I fear?

Why must they close?
Such gently smiling eyes,
The strength of a fellow’s shoulder,
The taste of a woman’s sighs,
The force of youth’s vitality,
So violently stolen away,
There can never be answers,
To such a tragic day.

Except for truth,
Never fear,
Truth can never die,
Truth proven in love’s bonds,
With every tear we cry,
For with tear we feel connection,
As we are tied in ways that never tear,
For on the other end of that tether,
Our loved ones are still there.

In peace and beauty they smile,
With smiles now perfected,
Pain never to be felt,
Heaven’s joy has interjected,
Though our wounds will carry always,
Our loved one’s joy prevails,
For their smiles cross our faces,
As their memories we hail.

What they are becomes us,
As we became a part of them,
Their words sing within us,
A God given hymn,
As their lives have touched mine,
A man they have never known,
How much more true for you?
As they have shared your lives and homes.

And so I look upon the stars,
With tears of joy in my eyes,
For I know near or far,
We look up to the same sky,
May you share in the hope I give,
As I hold what you have shared with me,
For our souls go on together,
In continuity.

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