Saturday, April 7, 2012

By The Light of Your Candles - For Lech and Maria Kaczynski


Written for the people of Poland in the loss of their beloved president Lech Kaczynski, his wife, and their cabinet officials in the crash of April 10, 2010.  See YouTube report below for full details.
When I wrote this two years ago, I sent it to the Presidential family in Poland, and received a response of gratitude from Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the former president's brother.  I also received a response from Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz of the Polish Church.
Two years later, I felt it important to post this on the anniversary of their deaths, along with the loss of 90 other members of their administration on that fateful journey to Smolensk.  May we always remember those who live for a purpose, giving their gifts to life itself, and blessing the world on our behalf. 

I can see you standing there,
Together in your streets,
I can feel you standing there,
Embraced within your grief,
Shaken and in shock,
Stricken with silence,
In a time void of words,
An endless moment of darkness,
For the ones who have given guidance,
Are never coming home,
Taken to the air in travel,
To be taken to a place of remembrance,
Taken from the people in a moment,
Without a sign of warning,
Leaving all in morning,
Flowers and candles form a mosaic,
A growing tapestry of sorrow,
Laid upon the street,
I can see you standing there,
Lining the streets near every door,
I can see you standing there,
As you have in years before,
For when I was in sorrow,
When the towers were struck down,
You came in to your streets,
From every town,
With candles in hand,
Hearts burning in place,
I could see the light of your fire,
I could see it from space,
I could feel the warmth of your hearts,
Within the sorrow that was mine,
I can feel the warmth of your hearts,
From across the distance of time,
I am standing by your side,
We are standing together in spirit,
As your leader was returned,
I was with you,
As your leaders knelt by his coffin,
I was with you,
As his daughter knelt by her daddy,
I was with you,
In the days that lie ahead,
I am with you,
Our hearts here and yours there,
Beat as one,
For our grief binds us together,
As does our joy,
For as this darkness came,
Testing all we could handle,
I could see the way,
The light of truth,
The power of the heart,
By the light of your candles.

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