Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For a Purpose - In Memory of Krzysztof Kolberger

His voice was like time,
Persisting through changes,
And all that rearranges,
For as seasons give way,
The sun will still rise.

A clear sound of comfort,
We could hear him any day,
For what ever he might say,
And in times of turmoil,
Peace was in his eyes.

For faith is foundation,
From where we may stand,
To survey all the land,
Seeing the darkness come,
While safe in God’s hand.

And when I heard him speak,
Though my strength had been run,
I knew the storm was done,
Though we could not see land,
Home would come with the tide.

When illness touched his heart,
And took away his voice,
It was not by his choice,
To see his gift fade out,
Would not change how he lived.

He knew truth in his heart,
For a purpose we live,
To see what we can give,
This is our gift to life,
And the love I hold in me.

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