Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Story - How lives become one

I wrote this in amazement of how people inspired by one life, seldom know who inspired that person to begin with.  The inspirer may also never know all that his or her life truly touched.  Our eyes only see so much.  Never give up doing what you know is right.


By Eric Visconti

In the beginning was the word,
And the word was with God,
As words describe all that was,
Describing all that will be,
For now and forever,
Labeling reality we see,
And all of the actions done,
So when words are unspoken,
They exist in physical form,
Flowing through the living,
The essence of life flowing,
As our lives mix together,
Within the story of forever,
Where a life begins and ends,
Ending only in the physical,
As proof of the continuation,
Can be seen in other lives,
I am inspired by a sailor,
Who sailed so long ago,
Sharing adventure in words,
And inspiring me to write,
I pass on his life to others,
That they may feel what I see,
Yet the story has a beginning,
Of which I know nothing,
For the sailor was once inspired,
To fall in love with the sea,
Someone else introduced him,
And he followed his heart,
Making the dream a reality,
Yet the sailor does not know,
How his story continued,
As I read his written word,
Generations after he lived,
Placing the fire of his life,
Into the center of other hearts,
Just as my own inner fire,
Is carried in other hearts,
And I carry their fire,
Safely within my own,
For as we join lives together,
By our own free will,
Effecting the paths of many,
From the effect of one,
Proving we are all part,
Of the great story.

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