Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Endings - Are they real?

There I was again, sitting at the ranch under the trees after saddling my daughter's horse.  This came to me in the morning.  I did not know I would meet people who lost loved ones that afternoon.  Living life at the edge of imagination means using your free will to become a part of making destiny wonderful.


By Eric Visconti

There is a time and a way,
To all things that exists,
As pieces to vast puzzles,
Which form complete images,
Some being for the present,
All reflect upon the great image,
Made of all that has been,
And all of what is and will be,
The image of all creation,
Contemplated by the wise,
Viewed as the mystery of ages,
Since before time was time,
Yet where is the mystery?
If the image of life is love,
Which is visible in all things,
As when a bird flies harder,
Or when a horse gallops forth,
Where dolphins leap over water,
And when we give ourselves,
Helping others around us,
Giving all who we are to life,
As all are filled with passion,
Of those who have been before,
All of us feeling the heartbeat,
Of those who are to come,
For love exists before birth,
Love exists beyond death,
Defeating its power in full,
As life blossoms beyond time,
Proving the presence of souls,
Marked by the tethers of love,
Felt by all who breathe and move,
For there are many chapters written,
Into the story that never ends,
As events are marked by changes,
But there are never endings.

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