Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Painter - for Enya


For Enya by Eric Visconti

The sounds begin to come,
As colors mix within the air,
Forming patterns which dance,
A delicate waltz upon nothing,
As the colors fall into place,
Creating images without words,
Thoughts replaced with feeling,
Dance of emotion for the heart,
Lifting the soul from Earth,
Into a world that is real,
Unto a land that is timeless,
Where life is a gift received,
And love is a treasure to proclaim,
Conversation occurring in music,
As each of our lives is a song,
A rhythm with a beginning,
Full of words that will never end,
Touched by events in the world,
Yet there is a world untouched,
Which we can not physically feel,
Just as light cannot be felt,
But gives vision to the eyes,
So this world can not be touched,
Yet it gives vision to the heart,
The music that you give us,
Brings us there in power,
That we may return again here,
Bringing strength and inspiration,
To all whom who live and love,
Through the canvas of vision,
Which you are the painter.

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