Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Connections - for John Denver

I wrote this commemorating the life of John Denver as he used his gift to connect with others, so that others would use their gifts to connect with those around them.  I hope that my writings honor all that he stood for.


By Eric Visconti

It amazes me always,
How people are inspired,
When the read a book,
Or hear words of a song,
Written by another soul,
Expressing ideas and feeling,
To all whom are around,
And from that expression,
Explore their own thoughts,
Understand their own hearts,
And begin to know themselves,
And all that they can contribute,
To life and to living,
To other hearts around,
So that their own efforts,
Become greatly multiplied,
As the passion that is felt,
Is amplified within each heart,
Every heart beating in unison,
With a common understanding,
As people see each other anew,
While seeing themselves in time,
As their actions and words are woven,
Into the human fabric of emotion,
Woven in the tapestry of creation,
For a simple word or action,
Is what ignites the fire of creation,
Since God spoke it all together,
To the times we live in now,
Where our lives may be marked,
By the things that are remembered,
But our souls will be honored,
As we pass the flame of inspiration,
Into souls who change the world,
Through the power of connections.

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