Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Grains of Light

When darkness falls,
The stars shine through,
Illuminating the night,
With diamond beauty.

Where rain storms come,
Rearranging the land,
Every blade of grass,
Bears jewels of light.

Dark clouds bring shadows,
Painting somber shading,
Before shards of light,
Shine Heaven’s joy.

As tears of pain,
Cleanse the eyes of illusion,
Restoring heart’s vision,
Unto the traveling soul.

While cold winds come,
Bringing chill to the body,
Causing arms to seek,
A warm heart’s glow.

Life brings us trials,
Taking health and peace,
Causing us to seek,
The Most Healing Hand.

Love’s meaning brings,
Life’s limitless power,
From faith as small,
As a grain of sand.

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