Monday, October 5, 2015


The beauty of the world,
In three dimensions,
Is astounding to imagine,
Lakes and rivers,
Sky and mountains,
Spinning through sunshine.

That motion is doubled,
As the Earth circles the sun,
And grows in intensity,
With the sun on its journey,
Our galaxy in full flight.

These dimensions are but three,
The fourth vast in scope,
As time is traveled in distance,
Bringing a motion of change,
To all we know and see.

This can be pictured,
As waves upon the sea,
Mountains rise from below,
Building in stature,
Weathering with the weather,
And smoothing into shore.

Clouds portray time’s journey,
Building upon building,
Blossoming into beauty,
Or growing dark as storms,
As each of us chooses in heart,
Our shape through life’s path.

Yet the clouds are not temporary,
Nor are the ocean waves,
Once part of the ocean,
Above or below us,
They remain live in their moment,
Captured within time.

Souls are scattered in time,
The past and the future,
People walk upon this Earth,
Not seeing through Time’s barrier,
Yet real in quantum mystery,
They are the energy we feel.

Perfection may be realized,
As God reconciles all life,
Bringing time to an end,
Retaining beauty in forever,
Bringing all our souls reunion,
When the quantum veil will fall.

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