Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Piercing of The Veil

 Energy, which can neither be created or destroyed, is known to 
have the potential of piercing through our physical reality to others recognized
by physics or theoretical physics.  Likewise, love is an energy which may pierce
through the physical world to the spiritual.  This has been felt by people of 
faith throughout time since the greatest act of love not only pierced the veil,
but tore it in half.

This world is an illusion,
Just a veil before our eyes,
A persistent illusion for certain,
As Einstein himself once described,
For he told us all matter is energy,
Atoms being mostly empty space,
Confirming a truth about love,
Which Jesus once spoke in this place.

Jesus said what we do for others,
Are things being done unto Him,
For this convincing veil of reality,
With love becomes paper thin,
When this energy pours from the heart,
Actions of love will pierce through,
To God creating life from the start,
Confirming what is real and true.

When the piercing comes from His hand,
We see miracles occur in our lives,
For His magic flows through our weak hands,
What seemed impossible comes true in our eyes,
We may feel lost past the veil in the darkness,
Though the stars confirm truth in the night,
For fear is the illusion in darkness,
The clear truth is we are found in His light.

The great gift you can give in living,
Is the gift given without regard to your pain,
When you reach out in spite of your sufferings,
The life He pours upon you is gain,
For God’s own Son took joy in His suffering,
Saving our lives being the result of the plan,
Tearing the dark veil between God and us,
Through the piercing love placed in His hands.

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