Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Voyage - In Memory of Peggy Arnold

With a smile and with
wisdom, with words and with hand,
she spoke love of life and people, 
lifting all of our hearts.

Upon this voyage,
we touched many lands.
Upon this ship,
We sailed many storms.
For as life provides,
the stars will guide.
Not placed by man,
But by the steadiest hand.
Any joy was multiplied,
By our many souls.
Any burden was lightened.
By our many hands.
Though the ship sails on,
your soul is imparted,
upon the hearts of us,
within the halls we walk.
We now journey on,
as we chart our courses,
seeing separate ways.
May the breeze carry you,
as you carry on by day.
May the gulls beside you,
provide life's continued song.
May the stars cover you,
as you lay down to rest.
And may hearts welcome you,
upon distant shores.

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