Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Wicker Chair in Munich

This is the outdoor dining area where the poem came to mind at the Sheraton Hotel in Munich.

 On July 21st there was a frightening incident on a Lufthansa flight from Munich to Los Angeles where a passenger suffered a heart attack.  The pilot and crew made an emergency landing in Ontario and likely saved his life.  Many people had difficulties missing their connections, but Lufthansa went out of their way to make everyone comfortable.  In the course of that day we met a wonderful family over and over.  This poem was inspired by the course of events and conversation.  May everyone who reads this, including perhaps that passenger, know that good things can come of the most difficult situations when hearts of faith do what they can do.

The way of things is strange,
As the circumstance of sorrow,
Can lead to blessings multiplied,
When fate is turned around,
By the willing hearts of faith.

For faces we did see,
In a sea of nameless faces,
Waiting for new arrangements,
Because a heart attack changed a flight,
And an airline saved a life.

In airports around the world,
A family did meet ours,
Time and time again,
And our girls were first to talk,
As we soon all became friends.

Then at dinner we met again,
And we spoke the song of life,
To bring magic back to hearts,
By making time just for each other.

As a spark may cause a fire,
So this night would then change lives,
All is possible if you do it,
And perhaps we changed the world,
From a wicker chair in Munich.

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