Thursday, July 11, 2013

A World of Color - For "All Across Africa"

On a recent trip to Costco my wife and I found a display of hand made crafts from women in Africa sponsored by All Across Africa which does this so that these women can provide their families better lives.  I was inspired by the words of Deana, the representative there.  I was inspired by seeing the artist's face on a tag for each creation.  When I sat down at my computer, I wrote this.

From across the world,
and within the wild,
their voices cry out,
their colors come forth.
In a land of life,
behold the living,
where within the night,
all eyes see clearly.
Within the day,
they daily carry,
the burdens of family,
with the strength of heart.
In their simple villages,
walking roads of dirt,
their hands speak forth,
the love of the heart.
Their hearts speak true,
through designs worn,
and the crafts they make,
for colors speak words.
Against the blues,
they speak of potential,
the blue sky is limitless,
and so is life.
With patterns of red,
they speak of passion,
of pains and joys,
beyond mere words.
Weaving beads and threads,
these ladies weave complex,
for complex are the patterns,
that life does unfold.
For the women of Africa,
do show like no others,
the world which we live,
is a world of color.

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