Thursday, October 27, 2011

Garden - For Lynnette


By Eric Visconti

We are together,
Tending to the flowers,
Feeling the breeze,
In the glow of the sunset.

We are together,
Tilling the soil,
Trimming the branches,
Tending the growth.

We are here,
Joining in life,
Sharing in words,
Showing our hearts.

We are here,
Joined by laugher,
One in our pain,
Growing in love.

He is with us,
Bringing the sunrise,
Bringing the rain,
Bringing us peace.

He is with us,
Drying our eyes,
Sharing his laughter,
Leading in song.

We can hear,
The music of life,
The song of the wind,
The rhythm of the heart.

We can hear,
The voices of the soul,
The songbird of love,
Never to part.

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