Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forever - For families who have had the life of a child taken from them


For Cara, Christin, Chelsea, Amber, and many more...

By Eric Visconti

I remember in my garden,
The first showing of green,
The first shoots extending,
In an effort to reach the sun,
Through my effort and hers,
Tending to the soil,
As she put forth leaves,
I watered the earth,
As she extended her arms,
I could see her face,
Before she even showed it,
I could see her eyes,
Before they ever opened,
But then on that day,
She revealed her budding,
She gave it her focus,
Until it came into bloom,
Color to be adored,
Perfuming the air around her,
The flowers in the garden,
Grew stronger in her presence,
Adding their own voices,
To the sweet song of life,
Displaying all of their colors,
As she led them in her faith,
For each and every morning,
The would open their pedals,
Each and every morning,
The flowers opened to greet her,
As I would open my door,
To the garden that is mine,
Then I came down the steps,
In my usual manner,
I came down the steps,
And she was on her side,
A branch had fallen down,
And the rose was torn asunder,
The branch had taken away,
The rose that was mine,
But I began to see the flowers,
In the sunrises that followed,
I saw the flowers looking,
To the place where she once stood,
And then I saw the truth,
Of what the flowers were seeing,
For seeing through the heart,
My rose was still there,
And within my heart,
I placed my arms around her,
And she was overjoyed,
To feel me once again,
For the truth of life endures,
And love is forever,
Our souls will never part,
For forever never ends.

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