Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The transference of light,
Occurs in beautiful ways,
From the stars to the Earth,
Through words to the heart,
And from the heart unto souls,
Coming from the only source,
Shining through each of us,
For light must be directed,
To penetrate the darkness,
It may be reflected from us,
And magnified by our wills,
So that sharp and focused,
It can do the greatest good,
Doing good through our words,
Blessing others through actions,
No matter how small they seem,
As many people walk through life,
Without tasting of its true beauty,
For just a smile given freely,
May change a traveler to his country,
Inspiring him to do what is right,
Reaching many lives on his own soil,
In such diverse and unknowable ways,
Lives can be changed on their paths,
Courses become altered to destinies,
Simply because of free will,
When we use our words and actions,
To shine light to another soul,
And through that light we lift another,
Holding him up in times of pain,
Caring her through times of sorrow,
And we keep that light shining strong,
Until that soul can stand once again,
Shining light to many others,
Because through our words,
And through our actions,
We use our voices.

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