Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Homeless Kings

 Dan, a friend and co-worker spoke of the warriers of
the Mongolian empire as "Homeless Kings".  As soon 
as he spoke that term, I saw a wonderfully different application!

Each is an heir,
To a kingdom unseen,
Brother and sisters,
Walking the Earth,
With magic of heart,
Energy flowing,
Authority of life,
The energy of love,
Which came at a price,
For the King sent his Son,
To begin the great flow,
With time being illusion,
And space the question,
What had a beginning,
Has no known end,
For energy is transformed,
Becoming beauty in reality,
Communication the key,
Sharing soul to soul,
Fire to fire,
Heart to heart,
Restoring hope,
When all was lost,
Restoring peace,
When all was pain,
Restoring reason,
Where insanity reigned,
For the King walks with us,
In each heart burning,
For His love yearning,
Giving definition to life,
As life defies defining,
And so we walk the Earth,
The Homeless Kings,
Knowing reality,
For all wishing to know,
Home is forever.

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