Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Letter by the Sea

What is love?
For the rising of passion,
A temporary wave,
Will sometimes reach shore.

The wave stirs sentiment,
Clouding the waters,
As life fights currents,
Away from the sand.

Hearts keep swimming,
As waves of circumstance,
Disturb image clarity,
From the sunlight of day.

In confusion some bite,
Some keep on swimming,
Others get their fill,
As some become prey.

And what of the seagulls,
Swimming in the breezes,
Do they make sense,
Of confusion below?

They fly fighting wind,
Fighting for food,
Fighting for the prize,
Of life we all know.

And what of myself,
Through my pains and joys,
What through the madness,
Of life do I see?

My perspective is broadened,
For all hearts feel love,
And even in confusion,
You are always there for me.

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