Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Prince of Hearts - For Robin Williams

I do not know what to say,
When I sit down to write.
Yet I know the words will come,
As I am called forth to speak.
Was it like that with you,
When you were with us,
Upon the stage?
The words seemed to come,
When you looked into our hearts.
All the things of the world,
Would come into your mind,
You would read what to say,
Through our eyes from the stage.
You would touch us in strength,
And we could not help but laugh.
You would touch us in life,
With your innocent smile.
Yet your eyes would tell me,
Much more than words would say.
As theater became the stage,
To reach us in new ways.
Bringing us magical joy,
As Genie of the lamp.
Bringing hope beyond words,
In the Awakening of souls.
Bringing healing to pain,
Portraying Patch in his life.
As you became Peter Pan,
We became your children.
Yet I do not understand,
How the door closed behind you.
Yet you did not understand,
The pain that took you away.
Yet I will always understand,
The truth life conveys,
Because you sought our hearts,
Within them you always stay.

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