Friday, January 17, 2014

Footprints in the Clouds - For Kasia Markiewicz

On a music competition show known as Voice of Poland,
there was a contestant named Kasia who got one single judge to
turn around on her qualification song.  This in itself was not very
remarkable.  She came to the show after loosing the fight with cancer
and being told that nothing more could be done.  That was beyond brave.
Two days later she died, never getting a chance to proceed with the competition.
Before that happened she said that it took cancer for her to realize how valuable and
how beautiful life truly is.  She looked into the camera and said, "Get off of your couches and
go do something wonderful with life!"  In her words of truth she made us realize how much life is a
gift, and how no one really knows how much time there is.  This poem is now dedicated to the bravest woman that I think my wife and I will ever have known.
We spin our way through life,
On the run,
Yet trading joy for strife.
In search of getting plenty,
So often with out any,
Can what we chase,
Ever replace,
What flies away,
With every day?

And disdain,
As things become undone,
Choices absurd,
Just adding to the fun.
We give up far too soon,
When the dark side of the moon,
Hides from sight,
With cover of night,
Our brightness,
From the sun.

And just plain feel,
What rightfully is ours,
And you will know,
That rain blesses the flowers,
Chose what you will feel,
Then create and make it real,
So rise and be,
That others may see,
Your footprints in the clouds.

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