Friday, January 17, 2014

A Symphony of Sound

A symphony of sound,
Is life’s composition,
Instruments around us,
Made of vibrating strings,
Particles of energy,
Stretching intertwining,
With each bound together,
Spinning with motion,
As we spin with commotion,
We are bound in our ways,
We are numbered in our days,
With free will choices,
Adding to creation,
We change all around us,
Just by observation,
With imagination’s power,
Ideas begin to flower,
And we add to life’s flavor,
Creating from emotion,
As passion drives our choices,
Affected by near voices,
Some for and against,
But there is no pretense,
For with the eyes of the heart,
We see through the veil,
Each with feigned strength,
Yet we all are so frail,
At times confounding others,
Yet with agreement in the goal,
We each can be made whole,
With the choice avoiding anger,
Seeing all clear,
Knowing what is dear,
We overcome impossible,
Through love.

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