Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This Dance

 I wrote this poem after receiving the following request:

From: Christy
Date: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 6:56 AM
Subject: RE: From Eric
To: Eric V <endlessperspectiveoflife@gmail.com>

I just had a thought….Do you have any that you have done that would fit this situation—my uncle is dying from cancer and marrying his longtime girlfriend tomorrow night…I would love to take one of your poems and put it on a nice background in a frame to include in their present.

Thank you,

The response will follow the poem...

She brought light to my eyes,
With the touch of her hand,
Her smile fills my heart,
More than I understand,
On our journeys we met,
Our paths crossed and we became one.

Then the world came alive,
As seen through the heart,
And the music began,
For it had a fresh start,
Now the truth is alive,
Since what love makes can’t be undone.

We are born once again,
In each other’s arms,
For one look at her,
And forever I’m charmed,
It was since the first glance,
It was blessing not chance,
And I asked her,
Can I have this dance.

Though trials we will see,
And hardships do come,
What love binds secure,
Can not be undone,
When life’s race has past,
Our souls bear the victories won.

For when sickness came,
Which the body can’t bear,
God’s love gave us strength,
And her heart chose to share,
For though she could go,
She said , “For you I’ll always be there”.

We were born once again,
In each other’s arms,
In the strength of her arms,
I feel free of all harm,
With our rings we confirm,
It was blessing not chance,
So may all know,
We are having this dance.

All of life makes a song,
Carried forth by the wind,
As new souls come in birth,
Again and again,
Adding voice to the music,
The rhythm which all hearts sing.

This song is forever,
Heard in our hearts,
It first came from God,
In the love he imparts,
It is the gift of life,
And the love that we all bring.

We are all born again,
In each other’s arms,
The strength we can share,
Is our beauty and charm,
May our union of love,
Touch hearts for life to enhance,
So may all share,
In our having this dance.

From: Christy
Date: Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 5:41 AM
Subject: RE: From Eric
To: Eric V <endlessperspectiveoflife@gmail.com>

They actually just read it yesterday, my uncle had tears in his eyes. They said to tell you thank you for writing something that describes them without actually meeting them…you are very good!!

Thank you,

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